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Cyber Attack Update Posted on 16 May 2017

Cyber attack update 15th May 2017

On Friday 12th May at 4.30pm we unfortunately needed to remove access to all of our computer systems as a precautionary measure with the pending threat of a cyber attack. This regrettably resulted in our Doctors and staff having limited services we could offer our patients during this time. We were still able to provide emergency care to those with urgent needs.

Thankfully we can report that the current situation for The Woodlands Practice patients is positive.

We would like to confirm that the practice is open and able to offer our usual full level of service and we have experienced no detrimental effects of the cyber attack.

Below we have provided some FAQ’s which should answer any concerns you have. However, should you wish to discuss any matters with us, please contact the practice.

How has my practice been affected?

The practice remains open and is working effectively to well-tested business continuity plans. No practice in Bromley appears to have been affected. King’s College Hospital (PRUH and Denmark Hill) IT have not been affected by the cyber attack.

I already have a GP appointment booked. Will this still go ahead?

Yes, the practice is open and you can attend your appointment as normal.

Can I book an urgent or routine GP appointment?

Yes, the practice is open and continuing to book appointments as normal.

How have the phone systems been affected?

All phone lines for the practice are working normally

Has my patient information been affected?

There is absolutely no evidence that any patient data has been accessed or compromised.

Have any patient records been lost?

There have been no reports of any patient records being affected. Patient records created before the cyber attack remain in place and any paper records that have been created since the incident started on Friday, May 12, will be transferred to electronic records as quickly as possible.

What will happen to my patient records if I received hospital treatment in an affected hospital over the weekend?

Paper records will have been made at the hospital and these will be transferred to your electronic patient records held by your GP as quickly as possible. In the meantime, hospitals will be able to fax paper records to your GP if they need to access information about your treatment urgently.

When will everything be back up and running normally?

Many NHS services have already returned to normal and NHS IT experts are continuing to work round the clock to bring impacted systems back online as quickly as possible.

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